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LogMeIn App Beta

Guess who is an official beta tester for the upcoming LogMeIn App for iPhone and (in my case) iPod Touch...

This guy. That's who.
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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kanye Conference Call to Def Jam

I heard a large percentage of Kanye's album yesterday. My impression of what I heard was that he's moving away from the sound he's developed and fostered over the years. His new sound is heavily influenced by a classic rock sound. It's a Phil Collins type of vibe that isn't hip hop in spite of the autotune/delay/distortion that has (although not native to hip hop) saturated the hip hop world. Again, I say that sound is not hip hop. Yes, Kanye West is a rapper and hip hop producer, but much of the new sound is not in a hip hop style. Of course, he's still Kanye, so he hasn't completely flipped the script.
I'm also not saying that I dislike most of what I heard. Overall it wasn't bad. I just think it's ridiculous that hip hop fans who hated on the smooth rock sound of years past will be all over this album and talk about how revolutionary it is and how dope the new sound is. If I did half the beats Ye did on this new album and sent them to a hip hop label, they'd laugh me out the door. But we can be sure he'll receive acclaim from many in the biz. That's the way it goes. Love to Kanye. I still think he made a humongous impact in the world of hip hop. His albums are new classics. He had every would-be producer trying to duplicate his soul sampled sound. His Glow In the Dark tour was phenomenal. So props to him.
Click here to hear Kanye's conference call to Def Jam. It's an interesting behind the scenes look. Props to the Exactly for the link.


DeLaSoul, the mighty Mos Def, Will.I.Am, Nas on one stage at the Glow in the Dark Tour Afterparty in the UK.
So Hype.

Friday, November 14, 2008

A Bite Out of Spam (Gizmodo repost)

An office tower in downtown San Jose, California has long served as home to McColo—a hosting company whose servers in turn have quietly served as a conduit to a huge majority of the world's spam email, scam prescription drug markets and child porn sites. After investigations by the Washington Post's Security Fix blog identified McColo as supreme baddies and shut them down, web security firms saw spam volumes drop almost instantly by up to 75%.

The chart here was sent to the Post by a German hosting facility manager, showing spam's immediate decline after McColo's shutdown (Security Fix has several more charts from security organizations and individuals showing the same thing). It's fun to consider the trickle down effects here—just think of the saved CPU cycles on webmail hosts worldwide who suddenly had 70% less U.S. spam to crunch on, and the energy savings resulting?

Last time this happened, when a similar northern California spam ISP called the "Atrivo" network was busted, it only took spammers a few days to get back to their old ways on another network. So, be sure to revel fully in a world free of Viagra deals, Kenyan wire transfer offers and content sharing proposals from personal lubrication sites (Mark's claim to wealth) while you can. [Washington Post, Security Fix]

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Matt Miller Video Review of the Blackberry Bold

Matthew Miller contributes to one of my favorite mobile tech blogs, jkOnTheRun. He reviewed the new Blackberry Bold. Apparently it's pretty fresh, especially the keyboard. I've never really been into the Blackberry scene, but I have to say this phone looks pretty sexy.

New Voice and Video Chat in Gmail!

I swear Google makes the best stuff ever. They've done it again by further improving on Gmail Chat by adding the ability to video chat from inside your Gmail chat dialogue box. Hype. Check the video...

iPhone/Touch Style Multi-Touch without the Touch

This is so fresh.
I've played with HP's TouchSmart PC and it was pretty hype. However, I feel like this capability would ad the benefits we enjoy on a touch screen interface like that of the iPhone in a full scale computing experience. Also, I always wondered if I'd get annoyed by the smudges and finger prints that would undoubtedly accumulate on a touch screen PC.

Basic Computer and Tech Tips

It's amazing how many shortcuts the "average" computer user doesn't take advantage of. This article by David Pogue of the New York Times has a lot of useful shortcuts, some of which I didn't know about.
Tech Tips for the Basic Computer User

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What if The Matrix Ran on Windows?

HILARIOUS spoof of The Matrix. I haven't been to Collegehumor in years, but the nice folks at Gizmodo had this up. It's really really well done. Impressive graphics and all. It even stars very close representations of the original actors except for a slightly more Napoleon Dynamite version of Keanu.

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Best Play of the Game

Big Kevin Boss (TE) jumps clear over an Eagles safety. This is impressive. No contact whatsoever. The defender explodes through the tackle only to find that the tight end has jumped right over him.

It's a Start

The beginning of something good. A DJ Mellow D original.

Click here to listen.

Back to the Beats

Getting back to doing what I do. More to come...

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Monday, November 3, 2008


So.... this morning Darlene, my wife, was still in bed as I was getting ready for work. I was in the living room and she said, "HEY! Come here!"
She had started feeling the baby's first kicks last week and they've been coming more frequently as time progresses. Anyway... when I got to the bed room, she had me put her hand on her stomach. I was absolutely speechless when I felt my daughter kick for the very first time. It was the first interaction I've had with her. She kicked my hand! I felt it!
Here's a pic of my daughter. It's a couple weeks old.

Go Steelers! Here's Why...

As I check email and half watch Monday Night Football on ESPN, I heard them say something interesting. The Washington Redskins are playing the Pittsburgh Steelers tonight. It seems the Redskins final home game before an election has "predicted" the outcome of an election in 17 of the last 17 instances.

When the Redskins WIN, the party that won the popular vote in the previous election has won the White House.
When the Redskins LOSE, the Party that LOST the popular vote in the previous election has won the White House.

Plainly, a Redskins win is good for McCain, a Redskins loss is good for Obama.

Hmm... Redskins halfback Clinton Portis is on my fantasy football team this season, but as frivilous and unscientific as this "prediction" business is, I'm going to have to cheer for the Steelers tonight.

Both candidates are also supposed to be on at halftime. Should be an interesting game.

R.I.P. to Obama's Grandmother

It's such a shame. She lived to see her grandson, whom she helped raise, become the Democratic nominee for the presidency. It's so sad that she won't be here to see him become the first black president of the U.S.

LogMeIn App on the Horizon for iPhone

According to a recent post on jkOnTheRun, there's a LogMeIn app in the works for iPhones, which of course means it'll be available for the iPod Touch users among us.
If you're not in the know, LogMeIn is a pretty dope service that lets you access a computer remotely. For example, I can log into my personal laptop from a friend's computer or any computer that happens to be available.
The folks over at have already posted a roundabout hack that makes LogMeIn accessible via the iPhone. However, it's a bit of a hassle for the average user and it's also a sluggish experience. I've applied for a chance to preview a beta version of the app, so we'll see if I get it. I'll post a review if I do. You too can apply here to be a beta tester. If it gets green-lighted by Apple, it should be in the App Store by the end of the year.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I got my hands on the G1!

I've mentioned on here that I'm a big... big... huge fan of Google. I use Gmail (fully customized with Google Labs features), Google Calendar, Google Documents, Google Reader, Google Analytics (to track my blog stats), Google Maps, Picasa (a Google product), of course to search. I also subscribe (using google reader) to the Official Google blog as well as the Google Mobile Blog. Starting to get the picture?
This being the case, I had been watching the development of Android, Google's mobile operating system very closely. If you're a little confused, an operating system is the software that dictates how you interact with hardware. Windows, for example is a very well known operating system.
Google set out to make an operating system that works the way other Google products do, simply, efficiently, and intuitively. The new operating system, called Android, was released on it's first handset, the G1, a few weeks ago. I've been drooling over it ever since. The G1 is a dressed up version of the HTC Dream. It's got a capacitive touch screen (similar to the iPhone) and a qwerty keyboard that's hidden under a sliding screen.
I finally got to play with it yesterday at the T-Mobile store, which was sweetness. The G1 is smaller in my hands than I had thought from pictures and videos I've seen online. It's also really easy and fun to operate. Having played with my iPod Touch and my wife's iPhone, I think the touch screen on the G1 is very similar. The icons are big enough to be easy to hit even if you have relatively large grown up fingers. That's one thing early touch screen developers got wrong. Small icons require you to waste time pulling out a stylus or take careful aim rather than naturally using your fingers.
Of course, one of the really cool things about a phone with an operating system made by Google is that it sync "in the cloud" with all my Google information. For example, once I sign in to the phone, all my contacts from GMail are stored on my phone automatically. When I add a contact on the phone, it's stored online immediately. Calendar, mail, and other things work the same way. Pretty cool. What might be even cooler is that I don't have to plug it in for it to sync. It syncs to the servers wirelessly and automatically. Beautiful.
Of course, the G1 is only the first phone to hit the market with the Android operating system. That means, as the appeal and gadget lust spreads, more handset manufacturers will start turning out new phones running Android. Not sure if I'll be an early adopter and get the G1 or wait and see what else comes down the pipeline.

Ghostface Killah - Computer Love

Wow. He really spit over the computer love instrumental.
I'm only feeling it because it's Ghost and because the original is a classic. Nice old school feel.

Ne-Yo How I Do Remix ft. Loso

...In case you didn't know so.
They did it again. Pretty hype.
Click here to listen/download.

Q-Tip Invited Busta Bus for the Get Up Remix

Peep it. Pretty hype.

Click to listen/download.

The Pope Gropes Wonderwoman

Yes, that's Diddy as the pope with his hand on the rear of Wonderwoman, also known as Golden Child's (former?) wifey.

Jay-Z Speaks to Virginia voters


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