Monday, September 22, 2008

Damn grandefrapamochasoyliteskimsteamachino bastards!

I hate waiting in line at Starbucks when all I want is a bad... TALL coffee. Not a fancy, prissy, girly "coffee" drink. There should be a seperate line for real coffee drinkers.
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New Sony OLED Screen

Saw this at Sony Style up close and personal. 3mm thick and sooooooooo beautiful. It's an organic LED screen. Not organic in the same way that apples at Jewel. Not really anyway. Such a sexy screen. But not worth spending over $2,000 for 11 inches.

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Kidz In The Hall Feat. Estelle "Love Hangover" Video

If you haven't heard Kidz in the Hall's latest album The In Crowd, you should do yourself a favor and pick it up. I bought it on iTunes when it came out and I bump it on the regular.
Love Hangover - Kidz in the Hall feat Estelle

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Maino Hi Hater Remix

I know, I know...
I follow a Blu post with a Maino remix? Hell yeah I did. It takes all kinds. I actually BOUGHT Maino's Hi Hater on iTunes. Yup. I did. At least I think I did. Not quite sure. But I remember I couldn't get it out of my head. Plus it's a fun song to sing.
Anyway... here's the remix, Blessed majorly by T.I., Swizzy,J to the Muah, and Fabuloso!!!

This is Hip Hop... Johnson and Johnson

dope snippet from Blu of Johnson and Johnson.

I had their Bout it Bout it video on my myspace ages ago (sometime last year). They're pretty dope. Next time you see me, I'll let you hear Blu's mixtape off the iPod Touch.

Funk Flex gets at Kells

I was driving to work today and heard a clip of an interview with R. Kelly. Apparently the person interviewing had him asked him if he likes teenagers. He paused and said "What do you mean by teenagers?" Then he proceeded to say he has 19 year old "friends." WTF?!?!? I couldn't believe my ears. Especially since the 13 year old chick in the video is now OLDER than whatever 19 year olds he's banging.
I guess the now legendary NYC radio DJ Funkmaster Flex had heard enough and made this video directed at R. Kelly:

BTW... When I was growing up in the Bronx, Funkmaster Flex lived 2 blocks from me. We used to walk home past his house. He used to have a green BMW parked in the back of his house and sometimes we'd see him checking the mail.

New Wale!

If you don't know Wale, you need to catch up. I first heard about him by chance. Just Blaze posted a conversation between Wale and himself on his blog ( It was and AIM conversation in which Wale was telling him he had just gotten signed. When I heard his name again, I grabbed the mixtape and was impressed. His 100 Miles and Running Mixtape dropped last year and it was super fire. Then he came out with The Mixtape About Nothing, which was a SEINFELD themed mixtape. Sounds crazy, but it was crazy dope. Hook on this one is kinda weak, but Wale is still a dope MC, so I gotta support.
Wale - I Will ft. Xscape

Cool Kids Perform 'Delivery Man' in NYC

Cool Kids @ Le Poisson Rouge NYC from yellowrebel on Vimeo.

Eminem is still alive?

Peep it. The Smoking Section just posted audio of Tony Touch interviewing Eminem and Masta Ace on Shade45. I don't have regular access to satellite radio, so I didn't even know Tony Touch had a show on there.
I ran into him at Midway last November when I was flying back from National Geographic Headquarters in D.C. I was with a group of high school kids who had gone to see and participate in the unveiling of a new dinosaur. I spotted Tony coming down the stairs and called out his name. He stopped and I asked him for a picture.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

McCain vs. Obama on Science (Gizmodo Repost)

It's easy to know where presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama stand on ever-hot topics, like the war or abortion. But what about various areas of scientific interest? Science Debate 2008 has made it their focus to clarify each candidate's stance on issues like genetics research, energy and space. The full text is available at that link, but for those who enjoy abridged versions, the New York Times did a nice job of cutting the big block of text into bite-sized pieces.

The NYT points out that both candidates agree that global warming exists, though McCain would like to see carbon emissions drop by 60% while Obama aims for 80%. Similarly, both agree that genetics research is promising but frightening in its implications, assuring to fight workplace discrimination based upon one's genetic code and continue the genetic modification of crops.

The biggest difference I noted was McCain's interest in space. It's one of the few responses where McCain's opinion is lengthier and more policy specific than Obama's, assuring continued NASA funding and naming space exploration as a "top priority" while citing project goals like shortening space shuttle redesign turnaround. Obama feels it's more important to delegate the responsibility/policy, opting to reinstate a White House Space Council.

But there's lots of interesting stuff we haven't even mentioned here. [Science Debate 2008 and NYT]

Monday, September 15, 2008

The 08 isn't for SEXY REXY

My most recent purchase

I Got This...

Thanks for that one, Mags.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

G.O.O.D. Music's Big Sean

Emilio Sparks interviews Big Sean, the newest addition to the G.O.O.D. Music/Def Jam label.

I d/l his Finally Famous Mixtape a long time ago and it's seriously dope. Check it out here.
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Body of Lies

This one also looks reallllly good. I like DiCaprio a lot (no homo) ever since Blood Diamond.


Gotta see this. It looks freakin HILARIOUS!!!
See more funny videos at Funny or Die

Just Blaze live video chat

So tonight I was about to go to bed early, but decided to check Google Reader and see if I had any new blog posts. I noticed that there was a new post on Just Blaze's blog, He was basically just saying that he'd be broadcasting a live video feed from a studio session with Jay Electronica. So I went to his blog and turned on the little tv and saw a live feed of JB and JE in the studio. Pretty cool. I watched for a while then noticed there was a chat button. I started chatting with other JB fans and with Just Blaze himself. The engineer was doing most of the work, so he would jump on his MacBook Pro every once in a while to see what we were talking about and respond.
At one point when he came on he read my screen name, which of course I thought was the dopest thing ever.
Later I sent Jay Electronica a beat via gmail and he read the names of people who had sent beats to his inbox, which of course included me! It was a great 3 hours. It's pretty cool to actually get to interact with someone I've listened to and admired for so long. Makes me want to get on my grind with this music thing. For now it's time for bed.
The video feed from Just Blaze's blog is on my blog now. Check it out.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Just Blaze video feed

"Free" Wi-Fi @ Corner Bakery

So... while downtown this morning, we stopped in at the corner bakery to eat and get out of the rain before doing a little bit of shopping. I had my handy iPod Touch (which is currently updated to firmware v2.1) with me so I decided to see if I could access Corner Bakery's free wifi. I selected their wireless network and then launched Safari.
I was greeted with a welcome screen, which, after a click, led me to this survey:

I might not mind filling out the somewhat lengthy survey had I been using a laptop. However, on the small screen of my Touch, as easy as it is to navigate, I didn't feel like doing it. I thought to myself "Well, it's a survey, it must be optional. I'll just scroll down and click past it and be well on my way to wireless connectivity. Right?"
I scrolled down, clicked, and was greeted with this error message:

If you can't read it, it says "Please complete all survey questions before continuing."
Bogus. I just turned off the Touch and put it right back in my pocket.
Free wifi shouldn't have strings attached. I'm a paying customer. Feel free to ask for my opinion, but it shouldn't be mandatory.
Oh, by the way... these pics were taken in dim light with the wifey's iPhone. Not bad.

Like the DMV, but more romantic...

So... We went down to the Daley Center this morning to see about getting a marriage license. It was a pretty interesting experience. As you walk into what is a very serious-looking government building, you see couple after couple and you realize that each of them is there for the same thing. They were there for a marriage license, just as we were.
I didn't bring a camera, so I snapped a couple pictures with the wifey's iPhone.
It looks like the DMV, but with much more pleasant people and happy couples.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday night...


I'm spending some quality time home on a Friday night with my good buddy Madden.
My Gamertag is DJMELLOWD if you've got an XBOX 360 and don't mind losing.
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Neither here nor there, but...


Something for the independents.
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Damon Dash talks about Kanye's Arrest

If you haven't heard or seen it, Kanye broke some paparazzi dude's camera and got arrested.

Gotta agree with Jason Bourne

Matt Damon is a bit harsh on her, but he's right.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Gotta see this...

W. Directed by Oliver Stone

7th Anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks

I was working at a movie theater in the suburbs of Chicago at the time. My brother was still in college in New York. I was watching the news live as the second plane went through the second tower.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Themes in iGoogle

New themes from top designers including this one by Jimmy Choo. What it do?
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I've always hated fall. Always. But there have been two things that perennially get me through the change of seasons: Fall gear like sweaters, blazers, and vests, and FOOTBALL!!!
Of course I'm a fan of the Chicago Bears, but this year I'm also doubling my enjoyment of the season by co-managing a fantasy football team. I'll keep you posted on my team's progress as the season moves along. I might also share my fantasy roster for anyone who's curious.
Although I might be cheering for individual players on other teams, at the end of the day I'll still be shouting "GO BEARS!!!"

Charlie Bartlett

If you haven't seen Charlie Bartlett, then you must! I had only seen the preview once, but I just got it in the mail from Netflix today and figured I'd give it a go. I was surprised by how much I liked it. I won't go into detail about what it's about, but you'll get the gist of it from the trailer below. But it's WAY funnier than the trailer. I usually hate when they squeeze a love story into a movie, especially a teenage love story, but it was really, really well done. It kind of has a Ferris Beuller feel to it. Also, Robert Downey Jr. aka IRON MAN is in it. It's gotta be good.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Small Town Values

Just saw this on the Daily Show.
Republicans talking about "Small Town Values." Watch for the gay cowboy. Hilarious.

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Better buy my rookie card now...

...cuz after this year, the price aint comin' down.

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Simply Legendary

Ok. If you know me, you know I do some production. When I say "some" I mean I've been making beats since high school and I'm pretty decent at it. I caught this youtube video on The Exactly. It's DJ PREMIER talking with Pharrell Williams, two iconic hip hop producers; old schol and new school. If you're unaware, or just have a really low hip hop IQ, DJ Premier is arguably the best hip hop producer of all time and THE creator of the east coast boom bap sound that drove hip hop in the early 90's. It's good stuff.

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Swagger... Get Some.

This is hilarious. Old Spice actually has a deodorant called "Swagger"

That's great.
But this one is greatness... The mighty Brian Urlacher larping.

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It's Official!!!


So dope.
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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Dopeness from Google

Take a good look at the picture below. It's a screenshot of two of Google's newest, biggest, baddest products. I downloaded and installed the beta version of Google's new Chrome web browser. As you can see, it's pretty sleek and streamlined. It frees up a large amount of real estate by doing away with the toolbar and the other screen gobbling features that might be seen as frivolous. The url field also serves as the search field which is pretty convenient. I've been using Firefox 3 as my go-to browser. Having worked(played) with Chrome for a couple days now, I think I'll stay with Firefox for now. The main reason is that I'd miss all the wonderful add-ons and extensions that I have installed on my Firefox browser(s). Yes, I not only run Firefox on every computer I use, I also sync my bookmarks in Firefox which boosts productivity wonderfully.

As you can see in the pic, I also downloaded Google's Picasa 3 yesterday. I couldn't wait to get home from work today to play with... I mean... evaluate it. I must say, I am thoroughly impressed with this new iteration of Google's image editing suite. It is by far the easiest way to organize, view, edit, upload, share, and make cool stuff with your digital photos. I tried out the "I'm Feeling Lucky" feature, which adjusts the settings for each picture to automatically make each photo look amazing. These all in one editing features usually suck. I was quite impressed with how well pictures turned out after one simple click.
One of the coolest new features of Picasa is pictured in the screenshot. You can opt to have Picasa scan your entire library of uploaded photos for faces. Yes, it scans for faces. Once it's scanned all the photos in your web albums, it presents similar faces for you to tag. For example, I uploaded an album of pictures that were taken while I was out digging up fossils in Montana with my buddy Marc and a bunch of other science teachers and scientists. Picasa went through my pictures and picked out Marc's face from each picture. It then allowed me to tell it to whom that face belongs. The impressive part of all that is that it picked out his face whether he had dark shades on or sunglasses. Pretty neat.
Picasa even picked out paleontologist Paul Sereno's face in a photo I took of a tv screen at the Children's Museum that was playing a video of him talking about their exhibit.

Extremely impressive.
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