Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just Blaze live video chat

So tonight I was about to go to bed early, but decided to check Google Reader and see if I had any new blog posts. I noticed that there was a new post on Just Blaze's blog, He was basically just saying that he'd be broadcasting a live video feed from a studio session with Jay Electronica. So I went to his blog and turned on the little tv and saw a live feed of JB and JE in the studio. Pretty cool. I watched for a while then noticed there was a chat button. I started chatting with other JB fans and with Just Blaze himself. The engineer was doing most of the work, so he would jump on his MacBook Pro every once in a while to see what we were talking about and respond.
At one point when he came on he read my screen name, which of course I thought was the dopest thing ever.
Later I sent Jay Electronica a beat via gmail and he read the names of people who had sent beats to his inbox, which of course included me! It was a great 3 hours. It's pretty cool to actually get to interact with someone I've listened to and admired for so long. Makes me want to get on my grind with this music thing. For now it's time for bed.
The video feed from Just Blaze's blog is on my blog now. Check it out.

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