Monday, November 3, 2008

LogMeIn App on the Horizon for iPhone

According to a recent post on jkOnTheRun, there's a LogMeIn app in the works for iPhones, which of course means it'll be available for the iPod Touch users among us.
If you're not in the know, LogMeIn is a pretty dope service that lets you access a computer remotely. For example, I can log into my personal laptop from a friend's computer or any computer that happens to be available.
The folks over at have already posted a roundabout hack that makes LogMeIn accessible via the iPhone. However, it's a bit of a hassle for the average user and it's also a sluggish experience. I've applied for a chance to preview a beta version of the app, so we'll see if I get it. I'll post a review if I do. You too can apply here to be a beta tester. If it gets green-lighted by Apple, it should be in the App Store by the end of the year.

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