Thursday, January 15, 2009

Young Berg Takes Another L

Wow. Props to Zack Lee over at The Exactly for posting this one. Apparently Young Berg has gone even further out of his way to look like an ass. If you're not sure who he is (and that's not at all surprising) he was featured on Ray Jay's hit "Sexy Can I" last year and he had a song called Sexy Lady that got burn in some clubs for a while. He got his transformers chain stolen while at a club last year. Subsequently his chain popped up on youtube videos as it took a cross-country road trip without him.
As the video shows, Young Berg was in Miami recently and took a drunken ride on a scooter. He crashed with a passenger riding on the back and police picked him up. He tries over and over in the video to explain to the officers that he's an artist (and therefore immune to laws that govern the general public). Then when his manager tries to come and get Berg's chain before he's shipped off to county, he hits a cop and runs away. This stuff is just ridiculous. This type of thing is the reason many of us would gladly welcome an end to the overblown, oversaturated hip hop era we're currently in.
Pardon my dangling participle.

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