Thursday, October 9, 2008

FRESH new music... Been a while, right?

It's most definitely been a long time since I've heard new music that made me say "Well damn... I'm glad I played that." or "Damn... It's good to be a hip hop fan... a fan of music." What makes the discovery of new music even better is when you hear something incredible from someone you've never heard of. It's too easy to say "Oh shit.. that new Lupe joint is dope." You know you love Lupe, and you know whatever he makes is going to be dope." Alternately, it's extremely vexing to hear news of a new Jay-Z jammie or perhaps a recording of a live performance by the Roots, only to play it and be utterly disappointed.

But anyway... Thanks to, I've come upon three songs that I could nod to and had me googling their respective artists immediately.
The first is a song called Escape Earth by Derrick "Drop" Braxton. He was the dude who produced Gold Watch and The Coolest on Lupe's The Cool. So I guess I was already a fan and didn't know it. The drums on this song sound exactly like those on a Lupe joint from a few years ago that featured Mike Shinoda and Ghostface. I think it was called Spray Paint, but I'm not sure.
The second song is a nice smooth joint by Jessica Tonder called Art of War. It's the shizzy. That's all I can say. She's got an album coming out that will be produced by Derrick Braxton called The Little Girl and the Robot. Starting to see a pattern here? haha.
The other joint is by U-N-I. It's the Beautiful Day Remix featuring a gang of folks you've probably never heard of unless you're an underground hip hop blog fiend. In case you are... Thurz & Y-O (UNI) decided to reach out to Big Pooh(of Little Brother), Evidence, Fashawn, Theo, Aloe Blacc, Mickey Factz and Kes Kaos.

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