Friday, July 11, 2008

iPhone Craziness

Ok. First off, I DO want the new 3G iPhone. I mean I really do. But there are no funds in the gadget account right now. As it is, I do own an iPod Touch, which I do love tremendously. I send and receive email on it via a wi-fi connection, I check weather, I peruse blogs via Google Reader on it thanks to it's integrated Safari browser, I play MP3's and movies, I store and share pictures, I back up contacts in case my phone dies, I buy music through the integrated iTunes Store, and a host of other really cool stuff. I plan on updating my Touch with the 2.0 Firmware and I've already started downloading some really cool FREE apps from the Apple App Store.

As I was reading one of my favorite blogs, jkOnTheRun, there was a post about the craziness that is iPhone 3G release day. Apparently people were lined up crazy style at every Apple Store everywhere. At the store the author (James Kendrick) went to, he saw about 50 people standing in line, some of whom had already gone to another store that had even longer lines. People working at the store said they had only received 20 8GB iPhones and 20 16GB iPhones. That's insane. They (the fruit company) know what they're doing. It's just like when Microsoft (arch nemesis of the Apple folks) shipped small quantities of the XBOX 360 when they were first released. It's a tactic they use to generate hype.

But when it comes to the iPhone, I believe the hype.

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