Monday, July 7, 2008

"Suckas Break Like Turbo and Ozone"

Extra credit if you can place that quote.

I don't know if the rest of you 80s babies did too, but my brother and I had Breakin' on VHS tape and watched it a few times every week for YEARS.

We'd put it on, move the furniture to the side and practice our six-step, top rock, backspins.

Basically, Breakin was the shizzy. Our original tape has been lost for years. It's probably in a landfill in Jersey by now. So I decided to relive my youth through the magic of Youtube.

You know what I realized after watching some of it? Turbo and Ozone look GAY AS HELL. Ok. I'm not saying it was gay. I'm just saying there was a lot more fruity stares and hand holding than I remember. haha.
You can even see them "Do the Homie" during the first battle scene. Peep it:

"I'd burn any girl that put her face in front of me." HAHA. Suspect...
BUT this is a classic scene:

She was my first love.

Anyway... Another classic, the broom scene:

I tried that ish a million times and couldn't figure out why it didn't work.

Peep Van Damme as an extra. This was out in '84 before he was the Muscles from Brussels.

Last but not least, 2 dope scenes from Breakin 2:
(also gay, but still dope)


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