Monday, July 7, 2008

M.O.P. Performing Live on My Birthday!!!

I just heard about this yesterday. M.O.P. is performing live at the Metro in Chicago on July 21st, the day the earth was blessed with the gift that is yours truly. haha. I saw Lupe Fiasco for the first time at the Metro on the day Food and Liquor came out.

M.O.P. - Ante Up (a classic party starter)

M.O.P. - Cold as Ice

Lupe Fiasco - Daydreamin' feat. Jill Scott

Now playing: R.B. Greaves - White Shade Of Pale
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illpisces said...

you failed to mention who put you up on BOTH shows. that's right, your little asian girlfriend is the reason you watch dope people perform for free at the metro!